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PO Box 7101
Reno, Nevada

The Mission

CitiCare’s mission is to seek additional sources of funding to bridge the gap between the transportation needs of individuals with disabilities, including frail/elderly seniors, and the resources currently available.


CitiCare’s guiding principal is to provide continuing funding to maintain and increase transportation opportunities for people with disabilities, including frail/elderly seniors. Accomplishing this requires developing a multi-year strategic plan and updating it periodically. The strategic plan will include quantifiable goals and objectives by which to identify and measure progress toward accomplishing our mission. Except where allowed in specific grants, CitiCare funding shall be used to purchase incremental rides from RTC.


The establishment of goals and objectives is essential to focus energies to accomplish the CitiCare mission. The basis for this goal and corresponding objectives is founded in the projected unmet demand for transportation by people with disabilities, including frail/elderly seniors, in our community. The following goal has been set:

Goal: To meet the transportation needs of people with disabilities, including frail/elderly seniors, in Washoe County

Objective #1: To raise funds for unmet RTC ACCESS trips inside and outside the ADA service area, to be adjusted annually, depending on need and available funding

Objective # 2: To fund special projects that support CitiCare’s vision and mission as approved by the CitiCare board