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PO Box 7101
Reno, Nevada

Funding Paratransit Rides

RTC Access Bus CitiCare is an independent, nonprofit organization in Reno, Nevada. Since 2001, CitiCare has raised over $2 million and has used this money to purchase over 83,000 paratransit rides for people with significant disabilities in the Reno/Sparks area.

Reliable public transportation can mean the difference between living in isolation at home and leading healthy, independent lives as vital members of our community. The target population for CitiCare are low- to middle-income people with disabilities in Washoe County who lack private transportation and are not able to use traditional public transportation (RTC RIDE).

RTC ACCESS Passanger Loading CitiCare has an innovative approach to expanding the current transportation services for people with disabilities in our community. CitiCare purchases paratransit rides from the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC), which creates increased transportation availability for people with disabilities without costly capital expenditures or administrative costs. There is no duplication of services or “re-inventing the wheel.” Best of all, the process is seamless for the riders, who are able to access more paratransit rides in the system.

Transportation Partnerships

RTC loading CitiCare Client In 2013 CitiCare partnered with other Northern Nevada charities to provide complimentary transportation for their clients. These clients, some of the most vulnerable members of our society, are provided fixed-route RIDE bus service or ACCESS paratransit passes to travel to receive food and other essential services.

Sierra Nevada Transportation Coalition

In Fall of 2014, Citicare along with partners Northern Nevada Center for Independent Living and Northern Nevada Center for Excellence in Disabilities launched a new transportation coalition to service Washoe and adjacent counties. The Sierra Nevada Transportation Coalition will expand, improve and develop accessible, affordable transportation options for people who depend on public transportation, especially seniors, people with disabilities, veterans and people living in poverty.

For further information, the SNTC Director, Mark Tadder, can be reached at 775-225-6881.

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